Sunday, December 1, 2013

BLACK FRIDAY AT WALMART: Underpaid Workers Forced To Be Away From Their Families On Thanksgiving; Over 100 Arrested Outside Stores and Some Shoppers Brawl Inside

"Walmart employees and supporters protested in cities all across the country on Black Friday in opposition to Walmart’s low wages and poor treatment of workers. In some cases, protesters volunteered to engage in acts of civil disobedience and were arrested by police. Organizers expected 1,500 total protests in California, Alaska, New Jersey, Virginia, Florida, Texas, Minnesota, Illinois, Washington and Canada. In Secaucus, New Jersey, thirteen activists were arrested after sitting in the middle of the street to block traffic."
From The Nation, "Activists Are Arrested Protesting Walmart's Low Wages" by Allison Kilkenny, Nov. 29, 2013. To read the full article click on link below:
Activists Are Arrested Protesting Walmart's Low Wages

           Video of The Black Friday Protest At A Walmart in                                              Tucson, AZ organized by Jobs With Justice

   Video of Shoppers Resorting To Violence On 
Black Friday and Protests Around The Country

In 2008 a Walmart employee was killed by a consumer stampede on Black Friday, a tragic reminder of the dangers workers face even in a Walmart store. This report appeared on Democracy Now!

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