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SNAPSHOTS FROM SONORA, MEXICO (part 3) SALT OF THE EARTH: Arizpe; A Man of the Earth; A Prison Painter; A Basket Weaver, A Saddle Maker


Arizpe is located south of Cananea. A very beautiful little town with a magnificent church.

Arizpe was the former home of the Opata indigenous people. Arizpe means "land of the fire ants."
An interesting sign I found in an alley, "Don't
take a leak here."

A short video with more scenes of the town including church interior. (includes the song "Busca El Amor" by Salvador Cardenal of Guardabarranco)

Here's a follow-up on an earlier post about Manuel Sácuhi of Cucurpe, Sonora. After some health issues, he has moved in with a son for the time being. Here and in video below he shows some of his leatherwork.

Adriana Mendez and her husband, from Oaxaca, were selling baskets and other items they had made on the streets of Magdalena, Sonora. The following conversation took place, "Can I get in touch with you later by phone?" (in order to acquire more baskets), "No we don't have a phone."; "Is it possible to write you", "No"; "How does one locate you in your village?" "That's not possible."

In the video below she shows her baskets/

In the state prison located in Magdalena de Kino, Sonora an inmate named "Elio" has painted a remarkable mural featuring five historical figures all who spent time in prison, with words of wisdom coming from their prison experience: Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Miguel de Cervantes, Thomas More, and Socrates.
"Prison is a tremendous education in patience and perseverance."  Nelson Mandela

                                        A Short Video Showing The Mural, with   
                                   Guardabarranco's "Mi Luna"

  Here's a video of Don Julian Moreno, a saddle maker in 
  Magdalena de Kino, Sonora.

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