Sunday, May 11, 2014

TUCSON IN THE STREETS--(Part 2); Videotaping the Struggle for Bus Riders, Peace in Colombia, Day Laborers, and the Working Class on May Day

VIDEO #1--The Bus Riders Union fight against fare increases and reduced schedules---and they are winning! Fare increases have been prevented for a year. One of my favorite protests always with food served and a crowd that's definitely not the "usual suspects." Brian Flagg of Casa Maria soup kitchen, a Tucson fixture for decades, and the Catholic Worker folks have done awesome work in this campaign.

                                                   JUSTICE FOR THE BUS RIDERS!

VIDEO #2-- 50 YEARS OF WAR IN COLOMBIA IS ENOUGH! The Alliance For Global Justice organized this protest in May when the Colombian Air Force and Special Forces came to train at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson.


VIDEO #3-- Southside Presbyterian Church hosts the Southside Workers Center where day laborers can be hired. This great action involved visiting an apartment complex where a group of 10 day laborers were owed nearly four thousand dollars.
The Southside pastor, Alison Harrington, led the delegation. Last word was that the workers were going to be paid the back wages. Hurrah for Direct Action!

VIDEO #4--LET'S MARCH ON MAY DAY!  Talk about snatching victory from defeat. For a while it looked doubtful the march would even occur this year, until a small committee of folks came together including Occupy Tucson and others pulled it off. A large contingent of immigrants and Latinos as always

                                                                    MAY DAY MARCH

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