Friday, June 17, 2016


June 5, 2016--The walkers arrive in Tucson; temperature 110 degrees: many migrants perished in the extreme heat during the week the walk took place

 This video gives the background of the Migrant Trail Walk and includes photos from the first walk in 2004

 Why they do it: Over 6,000 have died attempting to cross the US/MX border. Hundreds more perish in the extreme heat and winter cold every year

 This video was made of the final day of the 2016 Migrant Trail Walk

 The first group of walkers in 2004 spent the first night at a shelter for migrants in Altar, Sonora, MX. The beginning of the Migrant Trail Walk in 2004 also coincided with the start of No More Deaths ( Daniel Strauss, kneeling second from left, was arrested with Shanti Sellz the summer of 2005 while transporting migrants in medical distress as part of their work with No More Deaths. They were criminally prosecuted with the threat of long prison sentences but charges were eventually thrown out.

 In 2008 No More Deaths volunteer Dan Millis discovered the body of 14-year-old Josseline Hernandez, from El Salvador, who had succumbed to the cold as she traveling north to reunite with her mother already in the U.S. Tucson author Margaret Regan wrote "The Death of Josseline".

Finally this excellent documentary by J.M. Aragón "Presente, Inside The Migrant Trail Walk" about the second walk in 2005.

For more info about the Migrant Trail Walk including how to join the walk:

Here's an excerpt from Margaret Regan's book"The Death of Josseline" that was printed in the Tucson Weekly

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