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Rancho El Peñasco in Magdalena de Kino Sonora, MX; A Great Place to Visit and Enjoy Nature. UN LUGAR MAGNIFICO PARA VISITAR Y DISFRUTAR LA NATURALEZA

VIDEOS OF SCHOOL GROUPS VISITING Rancho Peñasco in Oct. 2016 (above) and a school group hiking (below)
 Videos de escuelas visitando el Rancho in Oct. 2016 (arriba) y otro grupo en 2015 (abajo)

Animals are a big part of life on the Ranch. Los animales son gran parte de la vida en el rancho.
A visit to the Peñasco museum is a must with the Sala Mestiza and Sala Indigena. Una visita al museo de Peñasco.
Wenceslao Monroy is the director of all activities at Rancho El Peñasco. Wenceslao Monroy dirige todas las activadades en el Rancho Peñasco.

HISTORIC EVENT AT THE RANCHO EL PENASCO IN 2007. Un evento historico en el rancho en 2007

 O’odham Host Zapatistas North American Regional Conference. (Los O'odham reciban a los Zapatistas en el Rancho El Peñasco)

Zapatistas Welcome Indigenous from Alaska, Canada, Northern Mexico and The United States to the North American Regional Conference, Oct. 8 -- 9, 2007

By Brenda Norrell
Special to The Narco News Bulletin

August 16, 2007
MAGDALENA DE KINO, Sonora, Mexico – Subcomandante Marcos and the Zapatistas will return to the U.S and Mexico border region to host a subsidiary conference prior to the Intercontinental Indigenous Summit in Pueblo Yaqui, to support Indigenous struggles for their land and liberty.

O’odham with Marcos
Photo D.R. 2007 Brenda Norrell
The Magdalena gathering in the north, Oct. 8 – 9, will be one of four regional gatherings during the month of October, with three other regional conferences to be held in Oaxaca, Oct. 4—5, Atlapulco, Oct. 6 –7 and Michaocan, Oct. 6 – 7, 2007. Those regional Indigenous gatherings precede the Intercontinental Indigenous Summit in Yaqui Pueblo near Obregon, to be held Oct. 11—14. O’odham in Mexico Lt. Gov. Jose Garcia welcomed all to the gathering at Rancho el Penasco, the eco-tourism site south of Magdalena, where Marcos and the Zapatistas met with Mexico’s northern Indigenous tribes during 2006 and 2007.
“This is an opportunity for Indigenous everywhere to come together and get to know one another better,” Garcia said, after the EZLN made the official announcement Aug. 15. “People can come together and learn more about the Zapatistas.”
Garcia said while the Zapatista struggle is well known in southern Mexico, tribes in the northern part of Mexico still want to learn more.

O’odham elder Elena Garcia greets Marcos and Comandantes
Photo D.R. 2007 Brenda Norrell
Marcos and Comandantes in Magdalena, Sonora
In the state of Sonora, south of the Arizona border, the Zapatistas were greeted by O’odham in Mexico, Lt. Gov. Jose Garcia, wife Maria and mother Elena Garcia. The delegation stayed at the ecotourism center south of Magdalena, Rancho el Penasco, Casa de Ecoturismo, where the Other Campaign stayed in October during the listening session with O’odham. During their overnight stay, Zapatistas rested and enjoyed meals of chicken mole, Sonoran tepary beans and dried beef.
Marcos invited the public to the gathering at Rancho el Penasco, Casa de Ecoturismo, 11 kilometers south of Magdalena on the highway to Hermosillo, on Sunday, April 22, 2007, to hear the announcement about the Intercontinental gathering to be held in the fall of 2007 in northwestern Mexico. Magdalena is a one and one-half hour drive south of Nogales, Arizona.
News reporter Brenda Norrell can be reached at
Making recycled paper in the foto above and in the video below kindergarden students from Hermosillo enjoy an excursion to the ranch. Haciendo papel reciclado en la foto arriba y en el video abajo alumnos de Hermosillo visitando el rancho.

Videos above and below take you on a tour of Rancho El Peñasco including seeing the interior of the Hostal which offers fine accomadations for the visitor. Los videos arriba y abajo te lleva a un tour completo del rancho incluyendo en interior del hostal que brinda hospedaje para el visitante.


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